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On 6 April 2019, the setting to 0 of the GPS satellite receiver counter used for navigation system management could generate minor malfunctions (error in calculating travel time, etc.). The analysis by our experts shows that only the on-board navigation systems “Wip Nav” produced between 2007 & 2015 could be affected by this synchronisation.

There will not be any major dysfunctions. Only the year displayed will show in error (2099 instead of 2019). If your car presents this error, it can be corrected by amending the date in settings and unticking the automatic GPS synchronisation.

Why update your navigation system map?


Constant changes to our road network

Every day, new roads are built, direction of traffic is changed, pedestrian zones are expanding and some streets are no longer accessible to cars. These changes can obviously impact the route chosen by your navigation system to guide you.


Optimised routes

To make the most of your navigation system, you should regularly carry out map updates to ensure you have the latest road layouts and help you save time and reach your destination more quickly.

How to update your navigation system

In order to increase your safety on board and to ensure a smooth journey, PEUGEOT offers mapping updates for in car satellite navigation systems.  These differ depending on the system your car has – see below for further detail.


For Connected 3D Navigation Vehicles

PEUGEOT's Connected 3D Navigation gives you the latest satellite navigation technology, and is enhanced with live data through the Real Time Traffic subscription, offer free on new vehicles for 3 years.  Find out more about Connected 3D Navigation here.

Mapping updates are offered free of charge to customers with Connected 3D Navigation. These can be downloaded below and can be then uploaded into your vehicle by USB key – but be sure to follow the detailed instructions to ensure the update works correctly. Please clear your browser cache before downloading the maps for a smooth process.

If you prefer, your local Retailer can do this for you – please contact them for a price.

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Other PEUGEOT Satellite Navigation Systems

These systems are updated via a manual update which can be carried out by your local PEUGEOT Retailer.

Please contact them for a price. Our experts can order the update pack and complete the update for you on your PEUGEOT.

They will also carry out a free vehicle health-check on your PEUGEOT.

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We invite you to connect from a computer to perform the navigation system or map update.

Your VIN is a 17 digit code of numbers & letters, found on your V5 registration document, or visible from outside your car, at the bottom of the windscreen on the passenger side. The VIN must be entered in UPPERCASE.

Please enter your VIN* number

If your PEUGEOT has an RT6 or SMEG Satellite Navigation System and was produced after July 2015, you will benefit from free map updates for 5 years. Please contact your local PEUGEOT Retailer to arrange.

PEUGEOT Motor Company PLC reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw sales allowances and/ or amend pricing at any point in time in anticipation of any tariffs, duties taxes or other costs that PEUGEOT Motor Company PLC believes may increase its cost of importation and/or supply of vehicles after the 31st December 2020.


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